‘He has pity on the weak and the needy, and saves the lives of the needy.’ Psalm 72:13

Natural disasters are increasing each year in quantity and intensity with more people across the globe suffering from the consequences of earthquakes, floods, storms and drought.

Word2Act believes that it is necessary to provide food and shelter in times of crisis and in the power of communities to be prepared for the next disaster.

Based on this governing ideal, our crisis relief program aims for good communication and cooperation within a community to insure that following the next disaster, potable water, housing, and crops will still remain.

Consider Sardar from Bangladesh who has a large family and was diligent in working his rice farm. After the terrible flood of 2017 his whole crop was destroyed, but with financial assistance he could get back to work on his land. He continues to receive training on how to improve his land and work with other farmers to be stronger together.

Or Marilou from the Philippines: after the typhoon of 2015, she got trained to write a business plan. She started a small layer farm which increased her income. Her children can go to a new self-built school.

In the face of ongoing catastrophe, our work often seems to be a drop in the bucket, but we move forward strengthening communities to face the next storm. We can’t eliminate disasters, but we can stand next to our brothers and sisters in need.

2018: at least 6.460 families supported